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Cast one's vote is a primary duty to each and every citizen of a state/country. So it is very important to know that how to download a voter list to check one's name in own electoral roll. In Assam. 

Many of our citizens don't know how to download the voter list 2019 in Assam. So in this post, we are going to learn about this in a very simple and easy way. Take a look at it. This is a serious post.

To find or download your own voter card or List, you have to need your district name, LAC & Polling Centre.  Then you able to download your voter list online. After that, you can take a print copy of it. 

The voter list Assam downloading process is not a so easy task. It needs some techniques, ideas. No tension, I give you some tips & tricks on it. Please read carefully & Know about this process.

  1. First, You have to search on your search box OR Search chief electoral office Assam.
  2. Second, Go to Pdf Electoral Roll and click it.
  3. Third, You have to select your District name, LAC Name, Polling Station, and Captcha.

[NOTE] : 1. MOTHER ROLL: It is all existing & new names in a voter list in your center.   
2. SUPPLEMENT ROLL: It is the all-new names that are coming in a voter list.

   4. Select your choice and download your own voter list.

You are all done. Please keep your voter card during polling or Election. 

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Check our latest tutorial videos on How to download voter list Assam.


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