How to make money on youtube in assam

Hey guys Welcome to a Assam Digital Guide New blog How to make money on you Tube in Assam.

In this article we are going to discuss about how to make money on you tube in details in India and specifically in Assam.

First of all we all know that GOOGLE is one of the most popular and most Powerful Company in the world it is well known.Google keeps all of yours information in details such as where you live,what are you doing,what is your best place,what is your best game movie etc,what you love or hate,how many properties do you have etc etc.So we  can say GOOGLE is all in all in the World.

How to make money on youtube in assam
How to make money on youtube in assam

YouTube is a service or platform of GOOGLE.They operates youtube. So work on YouTube is same with work on google.Think you are work on google the most powerful and rich company in the world.Google gives you an uncountable money you can never expect when you work on it very fluently and passionately and work smart not so much hard.Google is based on totally smart work not on hard work.I mentioned before on my another blog smart work is best than doing a hard work.So alaywes focus on smart work not on hard work.Smart work makes you better confident than hard work.
How to make money on youtube in assam
Hard work Vs. Smart Work

Make money on YouTube or google is not easy task.It is very
difficult when you work very hard.There is no place of hard work in this field.So when you are sure that you are doing smart work then alyawes welcome to this profitable field.I can help you that how it is possible.There is no need of huge investment.A little investment can make you a better position to doing your business and grow yours business in a proper ways.Google is not pressure to invest your money otherwise money is needed for some works such as research,buy a product of yours business etc.If you interested in you-tubing then i can help you how to create a YouTube channel and make it a professional and make money on it.I can guide you step by step process in details.So lets discuss below :-

Step 1 : First of all you have a google account.Its yours channel on youtube. You can fix a name on your YouTube channel.

Step 2 : Log in on your YouTube channel and create a name on your channel.

Step 3 : Make a simple edit to yours                                         channel,keywords,Category,Privacy etc 

Step 4 : Apply for monetisation [Recommendation :- Apply for monetisation before completing 1000 subscribers abd 4000 hours watch time]

Step 5 : When your channel is monetized then you are able to earns money from yours channel.

This is the simple process how to earn money on you tube in Assam Follow this tips and make a you tube channel and uploads yours videos on audience retention.One recommendation for all of you that alwayes focus on viral topic in yours locality and makes your YouTube videos.

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