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Hey everyone what's up, today in this article we are going to discuss top 5 small business ideas in Assam. So read it and implement it in your daily life.

In Assam, many of our young educated peoples are trying to get their job after their formal education. Majority of them have joined some private companies and some of them are trying to get their dream job.

One serious problem is there in Assam, the unemployment problem. I think the problem of unemployment arises because of some serious factors. Among them, the unemployment problem is very closely associate with lack of proper education & Lack of proper knowledge.

In a meantime, Some of our young educated are trying to start their own business. But they are not a success only because of the lack of proper business ideas.  Start your own online business

I discuss some important business ideas which may have success and earn more revenue & profit in Assam. 

Five small business ideas assam - Assam Digital Guide
Five small business ideas Assam - Assam Digital Guide

1. T-Shirt printing: It is one of the most profitable business ideas in Assam. one can start their own t-shirt printing store and advertise among customers and earn more revenue. This may operate through online marketing. Check how can do online marketing 

2. Online Store: Online store makes more money in Assam. when you start your online store you serve your clients by helping them as a mentor, problem-solving guru. You help them to open their online accounts, pan card, Aadhar card, bank account, etc and charge some amount of money from them. 

3. Camera for rent: You can start your own studio and provide a camera for rent to your customers for their wedding & other occasions. 

4. Exchange Centre: You can start your own business with an exchange centre where some of old exchangeable products & Accessories are exchanging with some new products and sell them through a shop and take a profit as a middleman.

5. Marketing Agency: One of the important business ideas is that you can start your own marketing agency ties up with some of the companies and start advertising their products and give sell to them and earn your commission. You can advertise their products online through your social media handlings. If your social media handlings are not so good, you can help through facebook advertisement, Google Adwords, PPC etc.


These business ideas are totally practical and more revenue. you can start your own business with them and earn a greater revenue or profit. Above mentioned 5 business ideas are a minimum investment. 

Thanks for reading.
Happy earnings.

See you soon.


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