All about of E-Govermance Electronic Government and Assam Government Electronic initiative

Hey guys in this blog of Assam Digital Guide we are going to discuss about E-Governance electronic government and Assam Government electronic process.So have a look upon this blog and make knowledge about Assam electronic governance.

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The word e-governance is implies that technology driven governance.The perspective of the e-governance is "the use of the technology that both governing and have to be thing i have want to mention with all of that generally there are five basic models of e-governance which are given below :-

  • G2C [Government to Citizens]
  • G2B [Government to Buisness]
  • G2E [Government to Employess]
  • G2G [Government to Government]
  • C2G [Citizens to Government]
In india the concept of e-governance is new as compared to others advance country of the world.And as compared to india the assam e-govermance cocept is very new.Assam government takes various schemes upon electronic governance recently through digital india initiative and make assam digital as a corruption free state of india.In this case we are special thanks to Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma on the eve of make Financial budget of assam into a digital budget initiative.
E-Governance electronic government and Assam Government electronic process

E-Governance electronic government and Assam Government electronic process

The national e-governance plan (NeGP) takes a historic view of e-Governance initiatives across india,integrating them into a collective vision.Arounnd this idea ,a massive country wide innfrastructure reaching down to the remote of villages is evolving and large-scale digitization of records is taking place to enable easy.realiable access over the internet.


E-Governance brings about two major impacts of the counntry
  1. making the government office work smart
  2. Secondly, e-governance makes services available to the all citizens at his doorstep through the internet.Some of the most successfull citizen oriented e-governance projects are the Railways reservation system, MCA 21 is the Ministry of corporation Affairs and Bhoomi projects in Andra Pradesh etc. 
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