HSLC (SEBA) Results 2020 : Essay Ways to download Digital Mark-Sheet Assam
Eassy Ways to download Digital Mark sheet for HSLC (SEBA) Results 2020
Essay Ways to download Digital Mark sheet for HSLC (SEBA) Results 2020

What is Digital Marksheet for HSLC (SEBA) Result 2020?

Digital Mark sheet is a document provided by the Educational Board through which you people get mark sheets of examinations even in emergency situations digitally. Actually, it is soft copy a paper Marksheet. After the results of the examinations, you people get a paper mark sheet, In the same way, Digital Marksheet gives you the marks of results by online method. The digital mark sheet works on all your needs just like the paper mark sheet. This year, the Assam government has announced to give the mark sheet of HSLC SEBA Result 2020 digital mark sheet Assam.

Why SEBA Introduce Digital Marksheet For HSLC Result Assam?

Board of Secondary Education Assam (SEBA) will issue digital mark sheets to the students this year 2020 in view of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) breakout. To maintain social distancing, the Board of secondary education has decided to introduce the concept of digital mark sheet for this year, and SEBA declares that the students can easily get their HSLC 2020 Results through SEBA official websites (seba.nic.in) (sebaonline.org) and download their mark sheet instantly.

This year students will not be given a paper mark sheet and students will have to use digital mark sheets for college admission.  The admission process will also be done online this year and the guidelines will be announced soon.

Digital Marksheet benefits for student

 1.  Digital Marksheet is very user friendly.

 2. Students easily get this Marksheet at a moment by smartphones & Personal Computer.

 3. Students can check information and generate this Marksheet on 24*7.

 4. Easily access Marks and information by Digital Marksheet.

 5. Reasons for digital Marksheet students don't have to wait for Marksheet.

 6. The digital mark sheet will be eco-friendly & certified for the students.

 7. Students, who are able to use smartphones take advantage of the digital mark sheet.

 8. Digital Mark sheet can be stored on the cloud through Digilocker

 9. It can instantly shareable to others, Students take benefits from these features.

How to download Digital mark sheet for HSLC result 2020

This year Assam government announced introducing a digital mark sheet for the HSLC result of SEBA. Everyone will have the same question on how to download it. It's very simple and easy to download.  After giving the result, SEBA will definitely launch some websites and apps for this. Students can download their mark sheets from that particular apps and website.

Earlier use of digital mark sheet:

Before the Assam Government was announced to introduce the Digital mark sheet for  HSLC Marksheet of SEBA, Other state governments of India declared to use digital Marksheet for CBSE. Maharashtra education board already expected to out SSC result in the 1st week of June.  CBSE board already declared to use Digital Marksheet at COVID 19 period.

Step by step guide to get a digital mark sheet

Step 1. Visit the SEBA official website on your smartphones or computer.

Step 2. Scrolling page to the latest news or announcement.

Step 3. Find the link for the HSLC result of SEBA.

Step 4. You click that link and will be redirected to a new page with input fields

Step 5. Enter your HSLC exam's roll number or filling other criteria.

Step 6. Click the result provides button.

Step 7. Your SEBA Board Result 2020 will be displayed on the screen.

Step 8. Download the result in PDF format.

Step 9. Take a printout for future reference.


Digital Marksheet is a very simple and innovative method to digitize the Marksheet in the Digital era. The keen advantages of
The digital mark sheet system is the transparency of records, availability 24*7, Reliability, and easy access of students as well as their parents.
The concept of digital Marksheet can be applied to college and University for higher education. By using this concept
Of this research, the overall efficiency and faith of users, as well as University, can be established.

It is the best method to provide authenticates the information
in just a short time.

For more information, please check this video on youtube.


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